Davey CrystalClear Media Filters

Davey CrystalClear Media Filters

Product Description

CrystalClear Media Filters are specifically designed for convenient, hassle-free filtration of water in swimming pools and spa pools; with the cylindrical shape providing the most efficient filtration operation and up to 370 kPA operating pressure.

For both in-ground and above ground swimming pools, the CrystalClear Media Filters are suitable for salt, mineral salt and fresh water pools up to 95,000 litres. These filters have a specially designed “T-Lateral” system to maximise water flow for efficient filtration and backwashing; and a large diameter tank.

Virtually maintenance free, the CrystalClear Media Filters are suitable for sand, glass and zelbrite medias, and have a stainless-steel liquid filled pressure gauge, making it easy to see when backwashing is required.

Models in the range:

DCC2140T – max. flow 185 lpm
DCC2540T – max. flow 260 lpm
DCC2550T – max. flow 305 lpm
DCC2850T – max. flow 336 lpm